Misr Cement Group

Group Executive Committee

Mr. Ramy Morsy

Group Chief Finance Officer

Mr. Ramy Sayed Morsy is one of the main pillars of the financial department at Misr Cement Minya as he currently holds the position of “Chief Financial Officer”. With a strong passion and a sustained pursuit, he has built a successful career over 16 years of experience in the accounting, finance, auditing, and banking sectors, 13 of which were in the Cement Sector.

Mr. Morsy kicked off his career as an auditor and cash management accountant at KPMG Hazem Hassan, DAMAC Properties Company (a real estate development company based in Dubai), and Credit Agircole, in the real estate finance department from 2007 to 2010. Afterwards, he joined the Arabian Cement Company, from 2010 till 2020, and he was promoted as the Financial Auditor of the group in 2018.

Taking a significant step in his career, Mr. Morsy joined the Minya Portland Cement Company in February 2020, as a Financial Auditor, and has since been appointed to Group Financial Controller. Mr. Morsy has been carrying out all the responsibilities of the Chief Financial Officer since 2022 and supervises the activities of all other financial departments in the group.

The responsibilities of Mr. Morsy include financial management and taxes, planning, cost and budget management, investors relations and reports, in addition to the management of financial resources and credit facilities and loans. Mr. Morsy holds a Bachelor’s degree of Commerce and Business Administration, English Section.