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Ready Mix Concrete Products

Misr Cement Ready Mix Concrete is customizable to the technical requirements of each construction project as the ratio and quantities of cement, aggregate, water and additives are adaptable to project specifications. Ready mix concrete technology provides variations on concrete, complying with technical specifications and production standards. Our ability to install mobile batch plants at construction sites makes the mixing process more accurate and efficient, eliminating human error.


Uses & Applications

Misr Cement Ready Mix Concrete can be used as an alternative to all concretes produced by traditional techniques on-site. Misr Cement Beton Ready Mix Concrete has a superior quality compared to traditional concrete and it is highly recommended for use in buildings and construction that require a high quality of performance, or for rapid project-execution, or for high durability against surrounding environmental conditions.

The range of usage of ready-mixed concrete includes:

The flexibility of our operations enable us of providing a myriad of concrete solutions to cover almost every type of concrete application & design mix  specified by projects designers including:

Safety Recommendations

Hazard Identification


Frequent inhalation of large quantities of cement dust over a long period of time increases the risk of developing lung diseases.


Eye-contact with cement, dry or wet, may cause serious and potentially irreversible injuries.


Cement may have an irritating effect on moist skin, due to perspiration or humidity, after prolonged contact. Prolonged skin contact with wet cement or wet concrete may also cause serious burns, that may develop with no pain or discomfort being felt, (for example, when kneeling in wet concrete even when wearing trousers). Repeated skin contact with wet cement may cause contact dermatitis.


Only in accidental cases.

First Aid Measures