Misr Cement Group


Why Work With Misr Cement Group

MISR Cement Group upholds values of respect, teamwork, and a strong work ethic. The group fosters a culture of mutual respect between employees at all levels, and a respect for the work they are doing. It also nurtures an ethos of respect for the environment and for the communities that surround its facilities. Maintaining a strong work ethic is done through continuous training and development, and by setting an impeccable example through the hierarchical chain of employees.

Group Values

Team Spirit

They work seamlessly together to achieve their goals.

Valuing Diversity

They respect each person’s unique qualities and value the diversity of their cultural backgrounds and work styles.


They operate with the utmost professionalism & expertise at all times, in all their business interactions. They are accountable to their partners through an ethos of trust and communication.


They adhere to all regulations, laws and procedures to ensure success, and work to fulfill all their commitments in a framework of transparency and integrity.


They have a sense of competition that motivates them to strive for leadership and success in their product offerings and services.