Misr Cement Group


MISR Cement Group is made up of four business units, each with its own longstanding history in cement and concrete manufacturing in Egypt, and each leading the market with the highest quality products, stellar record of achievements, and the highest quality service.

Misr Cement Qena

MISR Cement Qena has a production capacity of 2.0 million tons of cement per year.

Misr Cement Minya

MISR Cement Minya has an annual production capacity of 2.2 million tons per year, or 6000 tons of clinker per day.

Misr Cement Beton

MISR Cement Beton uses state-of-the-art technology to produce and distribute the highest quality ready-mix concrete, customizable to the technical requirements of each construction project.

Misr Cement Maintenance

Misr Cement for management and maintenance is a subsidiary of Misr Cement Group, established in 2018 owned 100% by Misr Cement Beton (Previously ASECO for Ready – mix).